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Operations Manager

     Ais grew up in the Northwest and in 2003 moved to Vancouver to obtain a diploma in acting for film and television at Vancouver Film School. After many years of working in retail management, she realized her passion was in business.


   She returned to the north in 2011 to formally study business administration where she received her diploma from Northwest Community College. In 2015 she obtained a degree in organic horticulture and ecological landscape design with Gaia College.


   She has worked for several years in administration and business management and development roles. She is a sole proprietor, was previously a shareholder of a corporation, and is responsible for the successful growth of a landscaping business in Houston, where she provides administrative, bookkeeping, marketing, and event planning supports. She is also a board member of the Houston & District Chamber of Commerce.


    Ais joined the Community Futures Nadina team as the Executive Assistant in 2015. Other roles Ais has played at CF Nadina include Business Analyst and her most current role of Operations Manager. Ais is very excited to be supporting entrepreneurs and small businesses of the Bulkley Valley and Lakes District.

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