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what we do

welcome to community futures nadina

Community Futures are developmental lenders. That means we work in collaboration with (not in competition to) conventional lenders like banks and credit unions. For over 25 years we have successfully helped over 900 local entrepreneurs get business financing to:

  • Start or expand a business

  • Apply new technology to a business

  • Upgrade business facilities and/or equipment

  • Develop new products and services

  • Access new markets

  • Expand into the global marketplace

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our vision

CF Nadina is the recognized leader at building capacity for and supporting community economic development and entrepreneurship in our region.


Our Services

Community Futures provides services and program supports to small- and medium-sized business owners and entrepreneurs living in rural areas. Our services include:

  • A variety of small business loans

  • Business planning support

  • Small business training

  • One-on-one start-up or expansion consulting

  • Support in gaining access to other small business supports, information, and access to capital

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