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Mission Statement
Community Futures Nadina will provide programs and services to the people of the Bulkley Valley and Lakes District. We will actively seek opportunities to develop and sustain cooperative community economic ventures and initiatives.

This mission is achieved by creating partnerships for planning and implementing community change by building and improving our physical, social and human resource infrastructure.


As an independent, non-profit organization, directed by a volunteer board, we have the mandate to assist our communities in developing strategies to deal with the ever-changing economic environment. Our philosophy of community economic development symbolizes community empowerment.  With communities taking the leadership role in defining their future, planning and organizing, and achieving sustained social and economic development, it is possible to keep pace with the changing world. Through leadership and partnership we provide programs and services that inform, instruct, inspire and support emerging and expanding business and community initiatives.

We believe in the abilities of the people of the Nadina Region to create a prosperous future that balances economic vitality, cultural vibrancy, and environmental values. 

Core Values


We will conduct ourselves with integrity and be responsive and responsible to our communities and our Network. We will adhere to our Core-Values and high professional standards. 


We will be genuine, fair, truthful and sincere in all our dealings. 


We will show consideration and deference for the contribution of others. 


We will behave responsibly and honourably, we will allow ourselves to be open, approachable and create an atmosphere that encourages candour.


We will share information in a timely fashion respecting the need for prudence and confidentiality.



We will create positive community outcomes through innovation, entrepreneurial leadership, excellent client care and strong partnerships.  

Quality Standards

Trust will be enhanced between communities, each other and our funders through supporting our core values, quality governance, professionalism, communications and accountability. 


Community Futures operate using a governance model based on written policies/procedures that encompass our operational needs. These policies are regularly reviewed and renewed.


Community Futures volunteers and staff adopt the core values, strive for excellence and seek out opportunities for continuous improvement. 


Community Futures communicate both internally and externally reflecting our core values in a timely, responsive and effective manner. 


Community Futures are accountable to our communities, funders, and each other to meet or exceed expectations, while reflecting our core values. 

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